RealPage® Sustainability Services

RealPage Sustainability Services provide the most comprehensive set of integrated energy management and conservation-related tools and professional services on the market. We’ve uncovered millions of dollars in savings for our clients and revealed hidden yield that has substantially increased their portfolio values and reduced risk exposure.

Powered by the largest utility expense database in the nation—processing over $2 billion in utility spend and invoices for over 2 million units—our extensive analytics, advanced energy reports and alerts offer the unique ability to identify both challenges and opportunities throughout your entire portfolio with the full scope of capabilities to take action and control.

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Energy Star Partner of the Year
RealPage has earned the prestigious 2021 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy.

As the EPA’s highest level of recognition, the Partner of the Year award celebrates companies that exhibit a commitment to transforming environmental innovation and protection through energy efficiency.

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RealPage is now a GRESB Premier Partner

GRESB Partners assist multifamily portfolio operators to complete their GRESB Assessment, manage their ESG data and advance their sustainability performance.

RealPage® Water Management System

Capture leaks and abnormal usage. Save approximately $5.60 per unit per month with the RealPage Water Management Solution, an add-on to the Sustainability Suite.

RealPage Sustainability Services Energy Savings Yield Greater NOI

Leveraging the largest utility expense database in the nation, the RealPage Sustainability Suite reaps maximum savings, yielding greater NOI with Energy Procurement, Benchmarking, Rate & Tax Assurance, Conservation and Advanced Energy Reporting.


Average savings of 10% on electric and natural gas contracts1

Up to 30% savings on energy conservation projects1

Create an average of $51 in value per unit1

1Data based on RealPage performance surveys

Five Parts with One Goal in Mind: Yielding Maximum Value

Mandatory Benchmarking

More commercial and multifamily owners will have to report complete energy and water usage through the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® tool to comply with city benchmarking ordinances. You can rely on us to:

  • Oversee your EPA Portfolio Manager and gather, validate and upload energy and water usage data for filing compliance
  • Provide recommendations for improving your EPA scores
  • Help create acceptable estimations of unit data for Green Loan reporting

Energy Procurement

Strategically reduce energy spending year over year and mitigate risks associated with the energy markets—like catastrophic weather events—with the ability to:

  • Perform interruptible natural gas management to maximize rate incentives
  • Negotiate electric, gas and renewable energy contracts and save at least 10%
  • Evaluate continuous service agreements to reduce vacancy expenses and identify optimal resident referral programs

Advanced Energy Reporting

The industry’s most advanced analytics platform makes it easier to manage energy performance across your portfolio. You’ll be able to:

  • Quickly spot outliers and work with in-house experts to improve performance and maximize savings
  • Track emissions, review meter reads and detect water leaks with advanced energy reports
  • Get abnormal consumption and leak detection alerts that pinpoint specific units that need investigation

Energy and Water Conservation

Save up to 30% on energy and water usage with comprehensive on-site audits and capital improvements that help improve property values, reduce consumption and drive higher rents by:

  • Inspecting mechanical, lighting, plumbing and operational systems
  • Identifying retrofit and replacement opportunities
  • Developing project proposals with costs, savings, ROI, end-to-end project management, usage tracking and ongoing performance reports

Rate and Tax Assurance

Approximately 70% of all properties in states where multifamily usage is exempt from state sales tax are erroneously billed. We ensure you’re charged the correct rates and benefit from applicable exemptions by:

  • Performing analysis of historical utility invoices for disparities
  • Routine review of billed rates, tariffs and published rates
  • Identifying state sales tax exemption opportunities and ensuring refunds are received in full

Find out how Sustainability Services can boost your NOI and portfolio value.

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Substantial Savings That Boost NOI

$800,000 saved annually on procurement for Affordable client2

$130,000 saved annually on Denver client’s water retrofit project2

$43,000 saved annually on procurement for Chicago water/operator2

2Actual RealPage client results

Sustainability Success Podcast Series

Listen to industry leaders discuss the top-trending sustainability issues impacting multifamily portfolios across the country.

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“RealPage got all of our required California properties benchmarked with the EPA on time and on budget. But it’s about more than mandates. We’re expecting it to yield real, sustainable energy savings.”

Angel Herrera
VP Controller, Goldrich Kest

Rate and Tax Assurance Case Study Highlights

$26,000 average annual tax savings per client3

$1.07 average tax annual savings per unit3

$36,000 average annual tax refund per client3

3Tax savings based on the average of 10 RealPage clients. Tax refunds based on the average of six RealPage clients.

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