Vendor Services

Stay up-to-date and stay on the radar for the property management companies you serve. We can help.

Vendors, We’re Your Advocate

With RealPage Vendor Credentialing, you can rest assured your insurance documents, professional licenses, and business requirements are up-to-date, and meet your customers’ expectations. We notify you of upcoming insurance policy renewals and your annual Vendor Credentialing renewals for each property management company. And, with one centralized location for securely storing your information, multiple property managers can easily access documents and certifications.

Why Use Vendor Credentialing?

We Reduce Risk

Our platform provides you with 24/7 access to check the status of the screening process, as well as information needed to meet the screening criteria of prospective clients.

It’s Streamlined

Our secure, centralized storage system is designed to accommodate all your critical documents, including insurance certificates, W-9s and more—eliminating the need to send paperwork to multiple locations.

It’s Convenient

Our convenient eSignature capability saves time and unnecessary paperwork. You’ll also receive notifications for upcoming policy renewals for each property management company.

It’s Marketable

Gain instant online exposure to over 300 property management companies that are searching for preferred compliant vendors, including those specifically looking for minority-and women-owned businesses.

Access to More Than 12,000 Apartment Communities

As a member of the RealPage Vendor Network, the multifamily industry’s largest online customer base, you’ll have access to more than 12,000 apartment communities, along with a secure, online platform that saves time, reduces errors, and makes it easy to conduct business. You can publish your company profile in the marketplace at no cost, and our vendor locator makes it easy for buyers to find vendors in popular categories.

Online Ordering

We provide online catalogs for your customers to ensure they’re using approved vendors and products. The entire sales order process is automated to improve accuracy and reduce fulfillment time so you sell faster.

Online Invoicing

Electronic invoicing eliminates printing of paper invoices, postage costs, and time spent correcting errors and tracking down missing payments, so you save money and get paid faster.

Bid Management

Participate in RFPs and send bids, quotes, and proposals through the OpsBid solution. All project documents can be stored and shared online.

Strategic Purchasing Advisory Services

Our team helps connect you with property managers and create efficiencies in sales. We develop and execute custom solutions, keep customers informed of new products on your behalf, and enable customers to achieve higher compliance and less renegade spend. The result is accelerated sales for you, controlled costs for the customer, and higher customer satisfaction and retention.