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Smarter security deposits with the only fully-integrated surety bond program for the multifamily industry

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Bonds That Don't Break. Even When Residents Do.

DepositIQ is based on a simple concept: instead of a traditional security deposit, residents are offered the option of purchasing a nonrefundable - and much more affordable - surety bond to guarantee lease obligations. The results: a competitive move-in option for lucrative residents, increased lease closings, stronger asset protection, and reduced bad debt, ALL integrated seamlessly into the leasing experience.

Marketing & Leasing Benefits:

  • Drive more traffic to your community
  • No deposit move-in option
  • Reward your best quality applicants
  • Lease units faster
  • Increase closing ratios
  • Works in parallel or standalone with existing deposits

Financial Benefits:

  • Generate ancillary income
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Improve cash flow and NOI
  • Decrease time & cost of administering deposits, claims, and collections
  • Increase lease renewals

Resident Benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of move-in
  • Shift a pet deposit to DepositIQ
  • Keep more cash in-pocket for rent increases, living expenses, and more
  • Honor lease terms and move out at lease end with no further obligations

How DepositIQ Works for Your Community

Step One: Applicants are qualified within the existing screening process then presented with the option of a standard refundable deposit or a less expensive (but nonrefundable) bond premium, listed at a standard 17.5% of bond coverage.

Step Two: Applicants sign and purchase the surety bond electronically on PC or mobile-friendly device.

Step Three: DepositIQ pays properties up to the bond amount if claims are made, based on an available claim fund at the property or portfolio level - your choice. 60% of all bond premiums fund the property claim fund and are 100% owned by the PMC.

Step Four: All claims paid are turned over to your collection agency to be repaid by the renter.

Step Five: All collected funds are returned to the properties' claim pool.