Stay profitable. Stay efficient. Stay focused on building your rental property business with one integrated solution that handles it all.

Property Management Software for the Entire Renter Lifecycle. No Matter Who Your Renters Are.

Focused on single family? Need to streamline commercial property tasks? Looking for ways to optimize vacation rental income? RealPage® has the complete end-to-end integrated solution, no matter what market you specialize in, no matter what your financial and operational goals. Get the automation you need to accomplish routine, time-intensive tasks quicker. Rely on extensive, on-demand functionalities that supply the data you need, often with just one click. Take your rental property business to the next level.

  • Tap into the power of lead generation tools that help nurture prospect relationships.
  • Offer convenient, online options designed to keep residents more satisfied.
  • Raise the bar on efficiency with mobile apps for maintenance, healthcare monitoring, and more.
  • Control spending, enterprise-wide, with robust vendor compliance, purchasing, and accounting solutions.
Manage the entire renter lifecycle with


Offering the lowest total cost of ownership available on the market today, OneSite® Conventional gives you a true, enterprise view of your multifamily portfolio.

Take control of HUD, tax credit, and rural properties with


OneSite® Affordable simplifies the often complex world of state reporting, certifications, and compliance related to affordable housing.

Navigate the ups and downs of student housing with


Attracting and retaining student residents is easy with this comprehensive suite of solutions designed for ultimate efficiency and resident convenience.

Increase quality of care and save staff time with


Access the power to increase staff efficiency and productivity while also maximizing resident satisfaction. It’s all possible

Increase quality of care and save staff time with


Keep up with critical data on tenants, leases, and renewals, and gain more time to concentrate on building tenant relationships.

Serve those who have served us with


Designed specifically for privatized housing partners, this total solution suite automates critical, military-specific processes and keeps residents satisfied.

Recover lost hours of time with


Streamline and automate tasks with a customizable solution that helps manage everything from accounting and budgeting to tenant screening.

Maximize bookings with


Kigo is an all-in-one solution complete with central reservation system, booking calendars, and dynamic pricing. Makes property management a breeze.


Conventional Property Management

Get the whole picture for your multifamily portfolio with one powerful platform for seamless data flow. OneSite Leasing & Rents provides the breadth of solutions you need, giving you the power to increase productivity without increasing headcount. Solutions include marketing and lead management, resident screening, utility management, spend management, accounting, renters insurance, and much more—all integrated for increased efficiency, enterprise wide. Conventional? We don’t think so.


Student Housing

Inevitable semester turns. Late-night maintenance requests. Multiple lease agreement signatures. RealPage Student Living helps you expertly manage these challenges, and many more. Totally integrated, this solution includes an online leasing feature, giving students the power to review floorplans, get price quotes, and sign leasing documents—all in one sitting. And you have the power to perform and analyze prelease activities, automate guest cards, and more. Everybody wins.


Commercial Property Management

There’s one proven way to simplify complex commercial leases—RealPage Commercial Property Management. Monitor, analyze, and execute standard policies and procedures for all your office, retail, industrial, and mixed-use properties. And streamline it all with integrated accounting, budgeting, facilities management, purchasing, and vendor management. Automate billing, even monitor NNN recoveries much more efficiently. Maximize revenue and NOI potential. Now that’s real power.


Military Property Management

Take command of your military housing property management business, once and for all. OneSite Leasing & Rents for Military is ready to tackle any challenge, including prospect management, resident service and maintenance, performance reporting and more. Easy-to-use, OneSite Leasing & Rents is even integrated with MAC, and posts payment files to the resident ledger for you, generates MIMO files each month, and updates BAH rates every year. Take charge of time and money, starting now.


Single Family

You need flexibility to run your single family property management business your way, and Propertyware® is the solution. Cut costs, grow your business, and streamline operations with this powerful, highly customizable solution suite. Automate daily routines with functionalities such as accounting and budgeting, electronic payments, a mobile leasing app, and owner and tenant portals. Save time, money, and hassles. No doubt, this could be the single best decision you’ll make.


Vacation Rentals

Maximize vacation and short-term rental property income. Minimize routine tasks. Kigo has you covered, with solutions ranging from marketing and lead generation to revenue management and reporting. Boost bookings with your own professional website, including a centralized reservation system with booking calendars, dynamic pricing, automated email templates, and comprehensive reporting. With Kigo, you’ll be so efficient, you may have time for a getaway of your own.

Get Real-Time Integration of Key Metrics When and How You Want It

Accelerate Efficiency with RealPage Exponential Reporting

For small- to mid-sized commercial property management companies, the fastest way to Increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity is with RealPage Exponential Reporting. With this unique tool, it’s easy to take your reporting and analysis capabilities to the next level, especially if you’re already using RealPage Commercial Property Management, Accounting or Investment Accounting. RealPage Exponential Reporting can do it all, allowing you to access, consolidate and share key metrics with every stakeholder, how they want it, when they need it.

Complete Market Overview for RealPage Affordable

How Affordable Housing Software Helps Mitigate Risk and Ease Compliance

We offer a wide range of solutions for your front office, back office and residents, all of which can help you save time and money. We even offer business intelligence applications that can help you track costs, demographics, vacancies and nearly anything else you want to know about how your communities are performing. RealPage Affordable Solutions can help you take care of all that AND help you maintain compliance all from one complete platform.

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Using Business Intelligence Software for Student Housing

Talk to any student housing operator and they’ll acknowledge a “rush” of a different kind on college campuses each year. Move-in day and the weeks leading up to it are intense as leasing agents try to fill beds, Resident Life is making roommate assignments and parents are calling to ask one more time what their kid can or cannot bring.

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