NEW RealPage® Contact Center 3.0

  • Personalize prospect follow-up using AI with DYNAMIC LANDING PAGES
  • Capture every prospect communication at every touchpoint with ENHANCED GUEST CARDS
  • Get the innovative leasing and marketing solution that never clocks out
Resident Portal

Not All Contact Centers Are Created Equal

Generate up to 20% more visits and leases per call than typical on-site leasing teams or contact center competitors, improve marketing effectiveness, and reduce costs by $50 to $100 per unit per year.

More than an apartment call center, Contact Center 3.0 has NEW Enhanced Guest Cards that track communications at every touchpoint and Dynamic Landing Pages that personalize prospect follow-up—using AI to focus on the prospect’s interest and convert them to residents. Contact Center 3.0 is the 24/7 contact center solution that helps you maximize every marketing dollar you spend and provide a higher level of service than any competitor.

Find out how to deliver the right information at the right time to prospects through their preferred communication channel, 24/7.

See What’s New with RealPage Contact Center 3.0

Contact Center 3.0 – Personalized Prospect Follow-Up

  • Dynamic Landing Pages personalize prospect follow-up communications using information from your prospect’s stated interests to generate a personalized web page with a self-schedule tour feature.
  • Enhanced Guest Cards capture communication history at every touchpoint to identify and prioritize leads with the highest probability of closing. Give prospects one consistent experience no matter who last handled the conversation.
  • Chat and Text engage prospects the way they want to be reached, using a click-to-chat/text widget on any property website to answer questions, schedule visits, or provide pricing.

Contact Center 2.0 − World-Class Features

  • Contact Center Missed Calls and Emails provides a 24/7 solution that answers the calls and emails that would have gone to voicemail during office hours and after hours, ensuring no leads are lost.
  • Answer Automation + Leasing Assistant instantly answers and routes incoming leasing messages to capture basic prospect information when your leasing staff is unavailable.
  • Instant Call Reply and Instant Call Reply Plus help schedule prospect visits by providing a personal callback to every email with a phone number.
  • Outbound Lead Nurturing processes accumulated leads, re-engages and re-encourages prospects to set up a tour with your property.
  • Contact Center for Maintenance acts as your residents’ first responders for handling and dispatching service requests 24/7.
This is Not Your Father’s Call Center

88% of our calls are answered in 25 seconds or less

40% of leads resulted in scheduled on-site visits

Sign 2.7 times more leases

Dynamic Landing Pages

Take your prospect experience to the next level. Give them personalized web pages that use information captured from customer interactions with the Contact Center. Artificial Intelligence customizes the landing pages, highlighting the amenities and features of your property that are important to each individual prospect’s decision-making.

With Dynamic Landing Pages, you can:

  • Increase lease conversions through customized content
  • Simplify scheduling with the “visit schedule” feature so prospects can self-schedule their follow-up visits
  • Optimize leasing activities by automating your follow-up activities

Enhanced Guest Cards

Let your leasing agents see the complete communication history between each prospect and the property—and let your prospects know that you’ve heard what they have to say. With access to every touchpoint in the prospect’s journey (including chat transcripts with a RealPage Contact Center agent), your agents can support and convert prospects faster.

Start Personalizing Your Prospect Feedback Today
Learn How to Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level

It’s More Than Talk

Increased Lease Conversion

The RealPage Contact Center is often a prospect’s first point of contact with your property. We leverage comprehensive knowledge of your property and features to set qualified visits that convert to leases.

Personalized Prospect Experience

The Contact Center acts as an extension of your leasing and marketing team—supporting all forms of communication via email, phone call, text and chat message, and setting visits at a higher rate than your leasing office alone and other contact center competitors.

Improved Business Strategy

By utilizing analytics and performance measurement reports, the Contact Center enables your company to make informed business decisions around your leasing team’s performance.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With all of these innovative features in the Contact Center, on-site leasing teams can spend more time on what they do best: closing opportunities while on tours and resident retention efforts.